granuli-pvc-pagina-materilai-PVC-1024x406 U-PVC

U-PVC is the easiest plastic material to be used in different sectors, thanks to its thermal stability, resistance to chemical agents and mechanical resistance at high temperatures (up to 60°). The throttle valves and the flanged throttle valves are products which greatly benefit from the special characteristics of U-PVC-U. Achieved after the polymerization process of vinyl chloride monomer, U-PVC-U becomes a resistant resin which is odorless and which does not release any particles into the fluid with which it comes into contact.

It is both suited for the management and transport of food liquids and water, both of acids and alkalines, hydrocarbons and saline solutions. Thanks to its thermal and mechanical resistance and to its reasonable hardness, U-PVC-U guarantees reduced dilation levels and a high level of safety and duration in time, ensuring our throttle valves and flanged valves are lasting and reliable products over time.

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