Valves and Fittings: An Italian Passion

High-quality thermoplastic pipe valves and fittings for the transport and regulation of pressurized fluids.


For over 40 years, COMER S.p.A. has been producing plastic valves and fittings ideal for the transport of pressurized fluids, all strictly made in Italy.

Being expert manufacturers of motorized and manual valves in PVC, C-PVC, ABS, PPH, and PE in Italy means continuing to invest in the local area, creating strong roots and life stories.

An investment in the continuous development of the skills of our collaborators and specialists is the only way to ensure we offer high-performance, certified quality valves for the transport of pressurized fluids.

In particular, COMER S.p.A. specializes in the production of plastic fittings and valves for water treatment. All products are made in Italy. Especially, the wide range of PVC fittings and PVC valves from COMER S.p.A. can meet any design requirement for systems and various application sectors.

Customer satisfaction does not stop at the mere production of valves and fittings but is realized thanks to excellent service unmatched in the industry.

A hallmark of the company is an effective and efficient logistics service that manages shipments worldwide in record time and with precision highly appreciated by our customers.

Quality and service are the foundational characteristics of COMER S.p.A., paired with a product exclusively made in Italy, both in production and the raw materials used for its production.


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