ABS British Standard Valves


The ABS British standard valves have been created to meet the requirements of those countries which are compliant to the British Standard system and complete the series of valves produced by Comer spa for the adjustment of fluids under pressure.

The characteristic of the ABS material allows us to create light products which at the same time are hard and resistant, perfect for situations when the installation is subject to high termperatures. In addition, the utmost functioning safety and the strict inspection for seal, make these valves ideal to be used in industrial installations. The ABS valves are simple to install, handle and disassemble for maintenance operations.

The range of BS ABS valves includes the industry series, the water series, the retainer valves, the vent valves and the foot valves. The  BS ABS valves made by Comer spa are entirely produced in Italy with high quality materials which are resistant to corrosion.

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