Water treatment

PVC fittings and PVC valves for water treatment


Any water treatment installation (for domestic use in the industrial field, for the creation of aquariums or distribution networks) requires hydraulic fittings and safe and reliable water valves certified based on the highest safety standards.

Avoiding water leakage, maintaining water chemically unchanged, and managing the considerable pressure loads, are only a few of the functional features of our hydraulic fittings for water and of our valves for water and waterworks.

Water conditioning plants are becoming more and more numerous as water is an increasingly rare raw material and increasingly important in our life cycle.

COMER S.p.A. fittings and valves see wide use of the entire range in the water treatment plants, if you like to explore this kind of application we have described testimonials of the use of our products in this type of plants, we kindly suggest to visit this water treatment reference page.

COMER S.p.A. produces high quality PVC fittings and PVC valves for water treatment since 1978.
The whole range of products are complying with all the certifications and standards of the sector, starting from different certificates of potability like WRAS.

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