High-quality plastic fittings and valves made in Italy


For the last forty years, we have been producing U-PVC valves and U-PVC fittings using the highest technology levels.
An accurate search for materials and the care for detail allow us to create plastic valves, in metric U-PVC, BS U-PVC and BS ABS and plastic fittings which are suited to the different sectors of application: from irrigation to waterworks, from the world of great installations to swimming pools, from the chemical industry to the food industry up to the nautical sector.

We have recently expanded our offer with a range of high-quality C-PVC fittings specific to the industrial sector.

Based on the type of fluids under pressure to be managed, our company creates valves, safe fittings, and manifolds which guarantee high-performance levels. All of our products have been entirely designed and created in Italy to guarantee the maximum level of reliability and resistance.

Moreover, our production system is certified based on the highest safety and quality standards.
ISO 9001 for quality and ISO 14001 for environmental impact. We are also working on the ISO 45001 certificate on safety in work environments.

Our U-PVC products have received the IIP, NF, KIWA and KITE MARK, BUREAU VERITAS product certifications.

Our company’s framework with an internal warehouse for the development of steel moulds, allows us to customize the products for our clients who need U-PVC valves and fittings especially created for special projects. In addition, our production technology allows us to create big diameter fittings, crucial to building large-sized water installations.

Technical information and drawings

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Making the subscription to our customer area you will be able to download 2D and 3D drawings and the BIM library.

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