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Certification and quality

The main objective of COMER spa is total customer satisfaction and the continuous improvement of the products and services required.

The certifications obtained, the quality of the valves and fittings and the efficiency of the service confirm the company’s commitment each day. It is the first Italian company for the production of U-PVC, ABS and PPH valves and fittings.

Aware that it operates in a sector which is characterized by the constant and continuous innovation of technical-installation choices for materials and aware of the need to guarantee its own partners a quick and efficient response to each problem, COMER spa has decided to develop in-house, a well-organized quality management system (SGQ) based on the international standard UNI EN ISO 9001:2015.

Company management, assisted by the Quality Team, is commited each day to find the tools, procedures, techniques and human resources required to reach high quality standards thanks to constant improvement plans which are compliant to current laws.

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Certificazioni - COMER S.p.A.
Certificazioni - COMER S.p.A.
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Certificazioni - COMER S.p.A.
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Three level satisfaction

To methodically guarantee in a well documented way, the quality level of the products and of the services means to meet the requirements of its own clients during all relationship stages: Business, administration, technical

COMER Spa will completely and precisely analyze the current and future situation of each client, proposing a customized service able to entirely meet the technical and business requirements of the client.

COMER Spa will always guarantee excellent service, adhering to the parameters set forth in the agreements, especially providing continuity, safety and high quality standards.

COMER Spa undertakes to maintain maximum transparency with its own clients: simple agreements, terms illustrated in detail, absolute clarity and precision when issuing invoices.

During all trading steps with the Client, COMER spa undertakes to speed up the response time of its own frameworks and its entire staff will be always committed and involved in monitoring and measuring the service provided in order to prevent and resolve any non compliance in terms of the undersigned agreement.

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