Plastic fittings

Fittings in thermoplastic material for fluids under pressure are crucial for the joints of the pipes in the installations to manage the liquids. Comer S.p.A. produces a wide range of U-PVC fittings that are ideal for use in the industrial, food, or hydraulic sector.

U-PVC is a light material that offers high resistance to chemical agents and does not fear abrasions.
Moreover, it is completely odorless and does not change the taste of fluids, becoming the ideal material for drinking water conduits or in those installations which manage food liquids. The absence of porosity eases the flow of fluids and prevents any deposit formation.

The Comer U-PVC fittings produced in compliance with the strictest laws and following precise quality standards can be coupled with pipes both for gluing and for screwing with threading. All metric fittings produced by Comer spa have been entirely manufactured in Italy.

COMER S.p.A. has recently introduced a new fittings series in C-PVC, these special fittings are produced to be adopted in industrial plants and for water treatment.

Discover the fittings which are most suited to your project!

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