Thermoplastic valves for flow regulation

The production of motorized U-PVC valves and U-PVC manual valves has been our core activity for over 40 years.

Thanks to an excellent service we surf the global market satisfying the needs of our customers!

COMER S.p.A. develops his products with high-quality materials and produced entirely in Italy, from the design to the distribution.

They are components ideal to regulate the flows under pressure inside the piping systems of average to large-sized units.

The Actuated and the manual valves are designed for use in irrigation systems, desalination plants,  waterworks, fire-prevention systems, swimming pools, shipyards, installations for the treatment, and filtering of water or installations to manage food fluids.

Comer S.p.A. uses different types of materials like U-PVC and ABS compliant to the metric and BS standards.

Consulting our catalog you will have the opportunity to know the whole range of our products.

Register in the reserved area and download the exclusive informative materials on our products and the 2d and 3d and BIM files of all our thermoplastic valves.

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