Comer spa 40 years of Italian Passion
History - COMER S.p.A.

In 1978, the enthusiasm of the founder Stefano Compagnoni and his brother Giorgio created an all Italian entrepreneurial reality based on the production of ABS moulds for underwater use. In just a few years the Comer Company, which was launched in a garage in Lavagna (Genova), became an international reference point for the production of U-PVC and ABS fittings and valves.

In 1987, the headquarters in San Colombano Certenoli were acquired, pole which today is entirely dedicated to create valves. In 1990 Comer became a S.p.A. In 1996 another important step led to the expansion of the range: with the acquisition of Nuova Forti in Sestri Levante, Comer S.p.A. started to produce big diameters, matching the company’s acquired expertise with quality and know-how which have always permeated all of the company’s activities.

In 2003, the work for a new large factory in Casarza Ligure started, to house the new moulding machines and to produce fittings and big diameters. Since 2008, the new headquarters have also housed the administration offices and the logistic headquarters.

A constant development path which in 40 years brought a small family reality to become an Italian company renowned for the quality and reliability of its products around the world.

Today Comer has over 40 employees, 25,000 sqm of production facilities and a 10,000 sqm warehouse with over 7 million items stocked.

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