New Range of ANSI ASME Class 150 Flanges

New Range of ANSI ASME Class 150 Flanges 22 01 2024

COMER S.p.A. Introduces the New Range of ANSI ASME Class 150 Flanges

COMER S.p.A. launches its new range of ANSI ASME class 150 flanges. This new product represents a significant step forward in flange technology.

COMER’s ANSI ASME class 150 flanges have been designed with a distinctive feature: red bushings. This feature not only enhances the seal of the flanges but also makes them immediately recognizable in all stages, from handling to installation. The red bushing serves as a clear visual indicator, ensuring that operators can easily identify the right product for their needs.

The ANSI ASME flanges are characterized by drilling compatible with the American standard.

Ideal for a wide variety of industrial applications, including those in challenging environments, COMER S.p.A.’s ANSI ASME class 150 flanges represent the perfect combination of reliability and recognizability. These flanges are the optimal solution for companies aiming to improve both efficiency and safety in their operations.

For more details on our new range of Flanges and to explore all the technical specifications, we invite you to visit our ANSI ASME flanges product page.

With COMER S.p.A., innovation meets quality, offering increasingly efficient and safe solutions.

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