Plastic valves and fittings 8 areas of application infographic

infographics application areas fitings and valves - COMER S.p.A.

For more than 40 years we have been producing plastic fittings and valves suitable for use in various contexts. The fittings and valves produced by COMER S.p.A. are widely used in irrigation systems as in water treatment plants, in the marine sector, and in industrial plants for which we have also developed the range of […]

COMER S.p.A. Overview 2020

COMER S.p.A. Overview 2020 - COMER S.p.A.
In this video, we want to give a vision of the state of the art of our company in 2020. You can see the main production plant, warehouses, quality laboratories, and the new plant that we are preparing to grow again. Visit the COMER S.p.A. Official channel on YouTube

Time lapse installation new molding press 1300 tons COMER S.p.A.

time lapse n - COMER S.p.A.
Time Lapse recovery of the installation of our new 1300 tons injection molding machine.   We present with a time-lapse the installation of the new injection molding machine. The new 1300 tons machine for molding PVC fittings and valves for regulating and transporting fluids under pressure. We add this new injection molding machine to our [...]

New design UPVC and ABS water ball valves by COMER S.p.A.

new water ball series video - COMER S.p.A.
The new design water series ball valves are available! UPVC and ABS ball valves with the machined ball, ergonomic handle, and reinforced stem. Water series ball valves are available from ø 16 to ø 110. These products are suitable to be adopted in the irrigation field, waterworks plants, water treatment, aqueduct, and desalination plants. The [...]

Info-video U-PVC Butterfly Valve COMER S.p.A.

Info-video U-PVC Butterfly Valve COMER S.p.A. - COMER S.p.A.
Watch the info-video U-PVC  Butterfly Valve COMER S.p.A.  discover the technical characteristics in 1 minute. BUT10 is the U-PVC butterfly valve produced by COMER SpA , U-PVC valve for pressured fluid transportation and regulation entirely made in Italy. COMER S.p.A. Butterfly Valve is available from ø 75mm to ø 225mm and  in the electric or pneumatic actuated version. Find more details about COMER [...]

Inauguration of water purification plant in Russia – supply of U-PVC products by COMER S.p.A.

Inauguration of water purification plant in Russia – supply of U-PVC products by COMER S.p.A. - COMER S.p.A.
Very interesting project that saw the construction of a water purification plant in Russia. As can be seen from the video images, the entire supply of U-PVC products is under the COMER S.p.A. The quality of Made in Italy combined with an excellent service, over 40 years of Italian passion for the production of fittings [...]

Water purification plant by COMER S.p.A.

Water purification plant by COMER S.p.A. - COMER S.p.A.
Water purification plant installed in Russia in the Moscow area.  All the fittings and flanges  are made in Italy and produced by COMER S.p.A. Comer S.p.A. produces products in thermoplastic material for more than 40 years, maintaining top quality thanks to the inimitable Italian passion that has always distinguished it. Discover our product and our excellent [...]

Time Lapse | molding press installation COMER S.p.A.

Time Lapse | molding press installation COMER S.p.A. - COMER S.p.A.
Video molding press for PCV fittings   Here is the latest injection molding press machine COMER S.p.A. We decided to document all the work necessary for the installation of a production machinery of these dimensions. Several days of filming, highly specialized technicians and a lot of italian passion A "little" gift for our 40 years of [...]

Celebrating video 40 years of italian passion

Celebrating video 40 years of italian passion - COMER S.p.A.
ItalianoTedesco---------------Rileva linguaAfrikaansAlbaneseAmaricoAraboArmenoAzerbaigianoBascoBengaleseBielorussoBirmanoBosniacoBulgaroCatalanoCebuanoCecoChirghisoCinese (semplificato)Cinese (tradizionale)CoreanoCorsoCroatoCurdoDaneseEbraicoEsperantoEstoneFilippinoFinlandeseFranceseFrisone occidentaleGaelico scozzeseGalizianoGalleseGeorgianoGiapponeseGiavaneseGrecoGujaratiHaitianoHausaHawaianoHindiHmongIgboIndonesianoIngleseIrlandeseIslandeseItalianoKannadaKazakoKhmerLaoLatinoLettoneLituanoLussemburgheseMacedoneMalayalamMaleseMalgascioMalteseMaoriMarathiMongoloNepaleseNorvegeseNyanjaOlandesePashtoPersianoPolaccoPortoghesePunjabiRumenoRussoSamoanoSerboShonaSindhiSingaleseSlovaccoSlovenoSomaloSotho del sudSpagnoloSundaneseSvedeseSwahiliTagicoTamilTedescoTeluguThaiTurcoUcrainoUnghereseUrduUzbecoVietnamitaXhosaYiddishYorubaZuluItaliano Success is a journey, not a destination alone you walk fast, together you go farther We have tried to summarize in a few minutes an event that is very important for us. The whole company gathered to celebrate 40 years of activity. All the employees, their families [...]
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