PVC and C-PVC Fittings and Valves for Water Treatment: The Quality Choice

PVC and C-PVC Fittings and Valves for Water Treatment: The Quality Choice 27 09 2023

Raccordi e valvole per il trattamento acqua

The excellence of COMER S.p.A. in ensuring efficient and long-lasting solutions for every type of water treatment system.

In the realm of fittings and valves for water treatment, choosing the right components is crucial to ensure efficiency, safety, and durability. COMER S.p.A., a leading Italian company in the industry, offers a range of high-quality certified PVC and C-PVC fittings and valves, ideal for various types of water treatment systems.

Metric PVC Valves: Precision and Durability

COMER S.p.A.’s metric PVC valves are designed to ensure optimal flow regulation in complex systems. Resistant to corrosive liquids, these valves are perfect for systems that require precision and longevity.

PVC Fittings: Versatility for Every Need

PVC fittings are essential to ensure secure and long-lasting connections. Made of U-PVC, these fittings are perfect for transporting pressurized fluids, offering resistance to chemical agents and ensuring leak-free performance.


C-PVC Valves: The Solution for High Temperatures

C-PVC valves are the ideal choice for systems operating in a temperature range from 0° to 90°. Thanks to the addition of chlorine to the PVC chain, these valves offer superior resistance to high temperatures while also providing excellent chemical resistance.

C-PVC Fittings: Reliability and Strength

COMER S.p.A.’s C-PVC fittings are the perfect solution for systems requiring superior resistance to high temperatures and chemical agents. Thanks to their robust structure and the properties of C-PVC, these fittings ensure secure and long-lasting connections, ideal for industrial and water treatment systems.

Every water treatment system has specific needs, and whether it’s desalination, purification, or wastewater treatment, COMER S.p.A.’s products are the ideal solution. Their certified quality and attention to detail make COMER S.p.A. a benchmark in the industry.


In conclusion, for those seeking high-quality solutions for water treatment, the fittings and valves of COMER S.p.A. represent a guarantee of excellence, durability, and reliability. Choosing COMER means opting for innovation, experience, and certified quality made in Italy.

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