The excellence of made in Italy C-PVC butterfly valves

The excellence of made in Italy C-PVC butterfly valves 13 09 2023

C-PVC butterfly valve with Viton® gasket made in Italy

Discover COMER S.p.A.’s C-BUT70: Italian Quality at the Heart of Your Industrial Applications

If you’re in search of high-quality, made-in-Italy C-PVC butterfly valves, you are in the right place. COMER S.p.A. proudly presents its latest creation, the C-BUT70 butterfly valve, designed and manufactured entirely in Italy using top-notch raw materials.

C-PVC Butterfly Valves: Your Choice for Safety

C-PVC butterfly valves are a crucial component in industrial systems, and COMER S.p.A.’s C-BUT70 is the ideal solution to ensure safety and reliability in your processes.

Made in Italy by COMER S.p.A.: A Quality Seal

The C-BUT70 is the result of Italian excellence in design and production. The entire valve, from its construction to the materials used, is made in Italy. This means that every component adheres to rigorous quality standards, and the valve is crafted from materials built to last.

Superior Quality Materials

One of the distinctive features of the C-BUT70 is its use of exceptionally high-quality materials. The AISI 316 stainless steel stem guarantees strength and durability, while the C-PVC lens with reinforcement ribs offers outstanding chemical and mechanical resistance. These materials were chosen to ensure the valve’s long-term performance even in challenging industrial environments.

Versatility and Compliance with Standards

The C-BUT70 is designed to adapt to the needs of your systems. The oval slot drilling system allows for coupling with flanges according to various standards, including EN ISO 1452, EN ISO 15493, DIN 2501, ISO 7005-1, EN 1092-1, and ASTMB16.5. Additionally, you can request a flanged version (C-BUT79) or a version with Viton® gasket (C-BUT30) to meet specific requirements.

Guaranteed Safety

Safety is a top priority for COMER S.p.A. The C-BUT70 butterfly valve offers the option of safety locking through a hole in the lever handle, ensuring complete control of flow in critical situations.

Wide Range of Sizes

Regardless of your system’s size, the C-BUT70 has a solution for you. It is available in a range of sizes, from ø 63 mm to ø 225 mm in diameter, ensuring maximum versatility in your applications.

Customization of Your Choice

If you have specific needs, COMER S.p.A. also offers customization options, such as the flanged version upon request or the version with AISI INOX 316 stainless steel stem. We are here to meet your requirements.

In conclusion, when it comes to high-quality C-PVC butterfly valves, the choice is clear: COMER S.p.A.’s C-BUT70 represents Italian excellence in the industry. Reliability, durability, and safety are guaranteed with this valve, crafted with care and attention to detail. Choose Italian quality for your industrial applications.

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