World water day 2023

World water day 2023 22 03 2023

Giornata mondiale dell'acqua 2023


Today, 22 March 2023 is World Water Day, a precious good, a source of life.

Water is an essential element for the life of all living beings, as our video spot recorded during the course of last year titled “Water is life”, there is no life without water.
The situation related to the water supply of our country, unfortunately, sees losses of aqueducts estimated at at least 42%, The ISTAT report states that every day is thrown away about 157 liters of water per person.
The scarcity of rain, the increasingly aggressive climate change, and non-water-saving behavior make drought an increasingly concrete and real problem.

Over 10 trillion cubic meters of water cover about 70% of our planet Earth, unfortunately only 3% is the amount of drinking water.
Drinking water is so precious that it is defined as blue gold.

COMER S.p.A. has specialized for over 40 years in the production of fittings and valves for the transport and treatment of water and its products have potability certifications that meet the highest standards of the industry.

Water is a precious commodity and water systems need certified and high-quality products so as not to waste a drop.

Good international water day to all.

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