Actuated Butterfly Valves


U-PVC actuated butterfly valves made in Italy

COMER S.p.A. offers a complete range of U-PVC actuated butterfly valves.

COMER spa valves represent the latest evolution within the market and fit for different applications, in particular: water treatment, irrigation, pools, and industrial.

All Comer spa products are of high quality and made in Italy.

Thanks to the specially developed kit, it is possible to mount the actuators at the head of the U-PVC butterfly valve produced by COMER S.p.A.

Comer spa thermoplastic valves can be motorized with an electric or pneumatic actuator.

Actuated U-PVC butterfly valves are available in the diameter range from 63 mm to 225 mm with EPDM or VITON gaskets.

Each actuator is selected and calibrated according to the force required to mechanically adjust the passage of fluids.

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